The mindful MATERIALS Library is powered by Origin.  The Origin Material Hub facilitates mM data exchange.  Manufacturers data is submitted directly from an Origin account to mindful MATERIALS.

Reporting Bodies wishing to have their certifications, declarations or test reports accessible for manufacturers to connect to within mM, can do so directly with Origin. This can be done by accessing Origin API Services or via manual data integration.  To discuss becoming an Origin Data Integration partner, please contact Origin (  For more information review Origin API Services and see current Origin data partners.

Manufacturers can share their product and certification data more efficiently using Origin API Services to connect their corporate website directly to their Origin account.  Product information can be shared across various connected platforms managed within a single account.  With an Origin account, manufacturers reserve the right to publish, unpublish and opt-out of any data sharing.  Optional Advanced Origin paid accounts provide manufacturers with greater options for data sharing across international specification and product sourcing platforms and offer greater efficiencies in data management.


When data is integrated in Origin, Manufacturers can CONNECT their materials to certifications and declarations which are provided by these Reporting Bodies.  As information is updated by integrated Reporting Bodies in Origin, updates automatically appear in any connected material. These connected materials can be submitted to the mindful MATERIALS library.  

Connected Data increases data integrity by ensuring that data is coming directly from the authored source and is up-to-date.  This dramatically reduces data management for the Manufacturer and saves time for Project Teams.

To become a Connected Data Partner, please contact the Origin Support Team.