Building occupants and owners want healthier spaces in which to to work, play and live.This is driving the demand to know where the products that make up our buildings have come from and what is in them. It is also driving demand for building certification programs, such as the Living Building Challenge, the Well Building Standard, and LEED v4, which incorporate product transparency information and push for optimized performance.

For sustainable projects, building project teams need better resources to easily identify and specify products that comply with varying forms of disclosure and optimization.

mindful MATERIALS was created to provide a practical means of incorporating transparency and optimization information into designers’ everyday work process.



The mindful MATERIALS library, powered by Origin, is building an open collaborative engine for aggregating high quality sustainability information on products while minimizing redundant effort on the part of both manufacturers and designers.

Designed by the A+D community, mindful MATERIALS is the practical product selection tool design teams need to incorporate product transparency information into their real time decisions. With vetting by the mindful MATERIALS team and BuildingGreen, as well as verified data directly from partnering auditors/certifiers, confidence in the data is strong.

Powered by Origin, mindful MATERIALS is a multi-platform solution for communicating your products transparency and optimization efforts across your entire network. As Origin adds network partners and mindful MATERIALS adds users, participating manufacturers see their information management efforts go down and ROI for certification and transparency efforts increase.



mindful MATERIALS Manufacturers recognize the value and importance of transparency and disclosure and have committed to transforming the materials marketplace. Join the growing list of manufacturers making an impact on the future of our industry.

The mindful MATERIALS Library, powered by Origin, will support open data exchange; product information can be shared across certification and software platforms, and will be exportable to common data formats.

One key individual at your company will be responsible for uploading your mindful MATERIALS product information to create your company’s database within the Library. The Collaborative will review the information for accuracy before it is made publically available. As new products or data is released or revisions are required, manufacturers make updates directly through the portal. This assures designers are accessing the most current information. Your sales force will be able to access this database for labeling in design firm libraries.  

Along the way, the mindful MATERIALS administration team will be available to answer questions. You’ll also have the opportunity to inform the ongoing evolution of mindful MATERIALS by participating in our community dialogues.



Join to list your products in the mindful MATERIALS library and to establish your company’s account with GIGA.


The mindful MATERIALS Library, powered by Origin, is a searchable database where the design industry can find architectural building products that meet various sustainable
attributes. Users are able to search the Library to find specific data linked to products from participating manufacturer

The Transparency Label – a simple 1 x 4 inch sticker - translates key transparency and optimization information from the database and places it directly on product binders on resource library shelves making easy to identify products with disclosed or optimized content. As the database is updated, local reps update product labels during regular visits.

mindful MATERIALS is honored to have BuildingGreen as its technical advisory partner. Their industry leading knowledge and research helps ensure mM content is the best available.


The mindful MATERIALS Library is powered by Origin an international cloud-based data hub which enables material data exchange between manufacturers, auditors, A+D and industry software. Our Technology Partner, GIGA is proud to support mM by providing the Origin platform to advance the curation and accessibility of transparency information.