mindful MATERIALS is moving to the cloud

The mindful MATERIALS program is entering 2017 with a view towards offering its manufacturer members and industry users a more efficient process to upload and search certified materials. Together mindful MATERIALS and GIGA aim to simplify how the A+D community identifies and selects products across brands, product categories and certifications.

The upcoming mindful MATERIALS Library will support open data exchange; product information will be sharable with certifications and software platforms, and will be exportable to common data formats. Manufacturers can expect to streamline the time required to manage their product information as the Library will enable the same information to be shared with multiple endpoints. Efficiency will increase as additional endpoints are supported by the Library. 

“We’re excited to support the mindful MATERIALS movement and its transition to the cloud. GIGA and mindful MATERIALS share a fundamental goal of publishing open data to guide more informed material selections; working together has been a natural fit.”

– Ryan Dick, GIGA

“The mindful MATERIALS Library makes it possible for our designers to easily access critical product information. By linking multiple types of transparency and optimization information to specific building products, furnishings and textiles, product research is simplified for our designers, making it easier to select preferred products for people and the planet.”

– Nancy Hulsey, HKS

The mindful MATERIALS Library will be launched in February 2017. Stay tuned for launch details. To get involved, sign up at www.mindfulmaterials.com. 

About mindful MATERIALS
mindful MATERIALS is an initiative developed within the design industry to provide a common way for manufacturers to clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for their building products. The program’s members include 180+ individuals from across the building industry, including A+D firms, contractors, universities, consultants, and building owners. There are currently 100+ actively engaged manufacturers.

About GIGA
GIGA is an independent third party which combines the development of building standards with cloud software. GIGA's software tools provide free access to transparent, open data to support performance-driven, regenerative buildings. For more information: R.best@giga.build 

Beau Eaton