mindful MATERIALS is not another certification. mindful MATERIALS is an open-source data platform with aggregated human health and environmental information from leading manufacturers, vetted by experts passionate about making it easier to make informed product choices.



The mM Library is curated by industry experts who rely on the same content when researching products. Our review teams work closely with manufacturers to ensure the best available information is provided. Our unique partnership with GIGA and the Origin database gives manufacturers free, unlimited access to their content, ensuring that it is updated as information changes. mindful MATERIALS takes the guesswork out of your research efforts by giving you access to product information that is the result of an iterative multi-entity review.



The mindful MATERIALS Library, powered by Origin, is a reliable source of transparency information linked to products, with additional manufacturers adding monthly. Users can sort information by CSI Division, specific transparency information, LEED v4 compliance, etc. Design professionals, contractors, end users can all use this Library to make more informed product selections.

The mindful MATERIALS Transparency Label provides a way for design firms to access the information manufacturers provide in the mindful MATERIALS Library online in their physical materials libraries. The Label includes only key information highlighting specific disclosure programs and certifications, but can effectively guide designers toward making more mindful product selections before doing more in-depth research.



Join mindful MATERIALS today. You’ll gain instant access to the mindful MATERIALS Library and information from leading manufacturers. Get involved by spreading the word about mindful MATERIALS to industry peers and the manufacturers you work with. Join one of our working groups, helping guide mindful MATERIALS into the future. Join now! Remember, it’s free!



The mindful MATERIALS Library, powered by Origin, is a searchable database where the design industry can find architectural building products that meet various sustainable
attributes. Users are able to search the Library to find specific data linked to products from participating manufacturer

The Transparency Label – a simple 1 x 4 inch sticker - translates key transparency and optimization information from the database and places it directly on product binders on resource library shelves making easy to identify products with disclosed or optimized content. As the database is updated, local reps update product labels during regular visits.

mindful MATERIALS is honored to have BuildingGreen as its technical advisory partner. Their industry leading knowledge and research helps ensure mM content is the best available.


The mindful MATERIALS Library is powered by Origin an international cloud-based data hub which enables material data exchange between manufacturers, auditors, A+D and industry software. Our Technology Partner, GIGA is proud to support mM by providing the Origin platform to advance the curation and accessibility of transparency information.