The mindful MATERIALS Collaborative is a group of building industry professionals committed to supporting the advancement of material transparency and optimization efforts across the building industry. 

To date, making and tracking requests for manufacturers transparency documentation on a firm-by-firm basis has been an overwhelming exercise which is typically not supported by project budgets.

The mindful MATERIALS Collaborative relies on the ‘network effect’ of leveraging collective, coordinated action among many individuals. Each user has the opportunity to contribute to mindful MATERIALS by adding resources, helping to expand the mindful MATERIALS Library.

Contributors work with manufacturers to guide their spreadsheets through the review and approval process. Our Contributors are the reason the program works. Behind the scenes is a core administration team that oversees the ongoing coordination and evolution of the program, including management of working groups within the Collaborative.

Contributors have the option of joining these working groups to advance specific aspects of the program, such as spreadsheet revisions, label and program updates, website improvements, and general administrative tasks.


We recommend reviewing the Sign Up section of the FAQs page before signing up. If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQs please go to our Contact page and send us a message.

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mindful MATERIALS was created to provide a practical means of incorporating transparency and optimization information into designers’ everyday work processes. The program consists of the mindful MATERIALS Spreadsheet and the mindful MATERIALS Labels. The spreadsheet organizes and collects the information; the labels communicates it visually.

The backbone of the program and primary documentation tool is the mindful MATERIALS Spreadsheet which manufacturers complete with their products. Using the spreadsheet, a building professional can quickly research products and gain immediate access to relevant transparency documentation by following the links provided by the manufacturer.

The mindful MATERIALS Label – a simple 1 x 4 inch sticker placed directly on product binders – translates key information from the spreadsheet and places it directly on product binders on resource library shelves. The mindful MATERIALS Label makes  it easy to identify products with transparency information. As spreadsheets are updated, local reps update product labels during regular visits.

The mindful MATERIALS Library is a repository for the latest version of each participating manufacturer’s spreadsheet. It is organized by CSI division and available to all users.