mindful MATERIALS is an industry-led program developed by specifiers for specifiers to foster and strengthen the resources available for informed material selection.

Four member-led Working Groups provide guidance, create content, oversee and contribute to the growth of mindful MATERIALS: the Admin Working Group, the Outreach Working Group, the Content Working Group and the Manufacturer Working Group. These Working Groups are foundational to the future of mindful MATERIALS and give members a voice. The program’s success depends on these volunteers,and this page acknowledges their expertise, time and commitment to transparency.



The AWG acts as a board of directors, providing leadership, decision-making and guidance to   maintain the original intent of the program while anticipating future changes. The AWG oversees partnerships, national PR & marketing efforts, program advancements and collaborates with the other Working Groups.

Nancy Hulsey (Co-chair), HKS – Dallas

Jeff Frost, (Co-chair), Brightworks Sustainability – Portland

Jasmine Madson, HKS – Dallas

Ed Clark, ZGF – Seattle

Kim Lombardozzi, Wight Co – Darien

Lauren McNeill, Group 14 Engineering – Denver

Alexa Williams, ZGF – Seattle

Jennifer Atlee, Prosoco – Montague

Chris Hellstern, Miller-Hull Seattle

Janna Wandzilak, DELOS – New York

Erica Godun, Ware Malcomb – New Jersey



The OWG is the communications arm of the program, interfacing with members, handling new member sign-ups, member communication and resources, website content and manages social media.

Alexa Williams (Chair), ZGF – Seattle

Sara Tepfer, Arup – San Francisco

Susan Gust, SRG Partnership – Portland

Emily Odell, Organize Corp – Denver

Elizabeth Lockwood, Art Institute of Portland – Portland

Valerie Sherry, HCM2 – Alexandria



The CWG provides research and development, evaluating  the programs, certifications and attributes  mM requires, and proposing new content as industry programs evolve.

The CWG also works in conjunction with expertise partner BuildingGreen to review and approve the information submitted by our manufacturer members.

Catherine Bobenhausen, Vidaris – New York City

Leilanie Bruce, Brightworks Sustainability – New York City

Mary Dickinson, Perkins + Will – Dallas

Suzanne Drake, Perkins + Will – San Francisco

Olga Evanusa-Rowland, SmithgroupJJR – San Francisco

Erica Godun, Ware Malcomb – Seattle (Chair-Furniture/Textile Team)

Anjanette Green, stok – San Francisco

Tanya Mejia, Perkins Eastman – Washington D.C.

Ripal Patel, Eckenhoff Saunders Architects – Chicago

Lona Rerick, ZGF – Portland

Clare Ardizzone, Consultant – Chicago

Adrian Boyle, Perkins + Will – Washington DC

Peter Carey, Streamline Material Resourcing – New York City

Lisa Goodwin Robbins, Kalin Associates – Boston

Michelle Heltzel, Ratio Design

Kathleen Madsen, TK Architecture – Colorado Springs

Stephany Mason, Collaborative for High Performance Schools – Sacramento

Diana Paez, THREE Consultoria Medioambiental – Mexico

Maria Papiez, Ewing Cole – North Carolina

You’ll receive communication when opportunities for involvement arise. All members are encouraged to be involved in the advancement of the program, and Working Groups are a way to further your involvement.