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Introducing the Sustainable Product Data Hub

Connected Data

We’ve made progress as an industry in driving demand for sustainability certifications/data, but we’ve seen limited acceleration and uptick in manufacturers making these investments. And it makes sense. There’s no clear and concise market demand nor a mechanism for measurable ROI for manufacturers to justify investment in sustainability certifications. They are being asked for different sustainability information in a different format from every single customer across the building ecosystem. As this unaligned ask proliferates, those that have made the investment are also being forced to input their data into various and disparate systems. Data is everywhere, but with no universal way to utilize it and make measurable change. Owners, architects, designers, etc. are then unable to access the data they need in a useful way, seeing the whole industry waste time, energy, money, and resources in every attempt to quantify and reduce holistic impacts of products in projects.

In order to overcome these barriers, we need the common language and clear market signal, and we also need connected data. The solution mindful MATERIALS and the Forums are working toward? The Sustainable Product Data Hub.


The SPDH would allow this data to be received, cleansed and then shared with workflow and project-level tools already in use across the building industry.


Utilizing machine learning, the SPDH would continually convert disparate and variable data into a usable, consistent format for data-driven decision making. Utilizing the CMF, the SPDH would enable the seamless output of structured data into workflow tools, creating a common foundation for assessing building level embodied impacts at scale. This approach will encompass industry partnerships and alignment efforts to amplify market demand and adoption as well as the development of training and education, which will collectively drive our success. All together, this industry alignment, demand, education and the SPDH, will provide a clear path toward a more accessible, impact-reduced future.

Invest in Better

Join us as we focus, convene, unify and scale this collaborative effort.

To get data connected, join us in our work now →

Getting to Better

And to be clear, better means:

  • Everyone Communicating About Sustainable Materials in the Same Way

  • Sustainability Data Where You Need It

  • Simplified Decision Making

  • Clear ROI for Positive Impacts

  • More Multi-Attribute Optimized Products

  • Measurable Impact

  • Reductions Across the Built Environment Globally

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