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Become a mindful MATERIALS Member

From an industry-led movement for transparency to a global nonprofit, mindful MATERIALS' community of members are at the core of all we do. As a nonprofit organization, membership is an affordable and scalable way our community can support our work to advance material sustainability. Here's how a membership supports you:

  • Learn from your peers and share knowledge and resources in a non-competitive setting in our Working and Engagement Groups

  • Bring the mM community to your office by hosting a regional Pop-Up mMATERIALS show

  • Access our members-only Collaboration Hub to tap into our Global member directory, message boards, and more

  • Show your support by using the mM Member logo in your marketing

"I leave every call inspired by the work members are doing at their firms and as advocates in their communities. As we align behind shared goals of greater materials transparency and holistic sustainability, this group demonstrates the potential of collaboration and open sharing of knowledge to accelerate the pace of change in the design industry."

— Alexandra Gadawski AIA, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, LFA
Associate, Sustainability Leader, HMFH ARCHITECTS 
Co-Chair, mM A+D Engagement Group

“Nature teaches us that the way to increase intelligence in a system is to get it to communicate with more parts of itself. This is the promise of mindful MATERIALS and why I volunteer on the Manufacturer Engagement Group. By connecting the parts of the building product ecosystem, we can get smarter and better together.”

— Mikhail Davis
Director of Technical Sustainability, Interface
Member, mM Manufacturers Engagement Group

“I’ve seen firsthand how much can be done and how much can be learned when you connect passionate individuals. The Community Working Group comes from a need for connection, a need for community, and I’m excited to see this take place at an even greater scale. Anyone and everyone willing to be a part of the conversation around creating a better future through design should be a part of this group.”

— Antonio Herrera
National Market Director - A&D, Material Bank

Co-Chair, mM Community Working Group

Join the movement

Membership Options


An mM Individual Membership is $75 annually and grants you direct access to the members-only Collaboration Hub for networking, best-practice sharing, and more. Access to the mM Portal remains free for users!

Manufacturer Organizations

A mM Manufacturer Membership is $500 annually and is required in order to enrich your product data in the mMPortal. Already a sponsor? You’re covered — membership is included in all sponsorship packages.

AEC Organizations

The cost of an AEC membership varies by firm size. If you use the Portal, our resources, or the Common Materials Framework, consider becoming a member to support our growth and further development of these resources. Access to the mM Portal remains free for users!

Membership Benefits

Shared Knowledge

Learn from your peers and share knowledge and resources in a non-competitive setting in our Working and Engagement Groups.

Networking Opportunities

Bring the mM Community to your office by hosint a regional Pop-Up mMaterials show.

Collaboration Hub

Access our members-only Collaboration Hub to tap into our global member directory, message boards, and more — including downloadable mM member graphics.

Connect, Collaborate, Share

Explore the Collaboration Hub

The Collaboration Hub is a members-only platform designed to provide opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge and resources virtually. While the current mindful MATERIALS Portal serves as a place to connect with product data structured within the Common Materials Framework, the Collaboration Hub serves as a place to connect with other people across disciplines throughout the mindful MATERIALS community.

Key features include:

  • Global Member Directory Map: Our interactive global member directory map provides access to an extensive network of like-minded individuals. Discover peers in your area or connect with experts from diverse backgrounds across continents.

  • Message Boards: Engage in meaningful discussions and exchange valuable insights on dedicated message boards. Whether seeking advice, sharing expertise, or exploring new ideas, our message boards provide a lively platform for collaborative discourse.

  • Working and Engagement Groups: Join forces with fellow members through our working and engagement groups to address pressing challenges and drive impactful change in your community and beyond. From sustainability initiatives to community outreach programs, our working groups provide a platform to turn ideas into action.


As the Hub evolves, future enhancements will include member resource sharing and an integrated learning management system.

Have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to our outreach team with any additional questions.

Engagement Groups

Stay in the loop on the latest with materials sustainability, enjoy peer-to-peer learning, and provide industry feedback to mindful MATERIALS’ work. Each month, Engagement Groups meet virtually and learn from guest speakers who are relevant to their work. They also have an opportunity for open discussion and Q&A amongst the group.

A&D Engagement Group

The A&D Engagement Group comes together as a collective to discuss the importance of holistically sustainable specifications and share knowledge and resources to enable each member to design and specify more sustainably and successfully. Members also play a key role in elevating awareness and action by the broader community.

Manufacturer’s Engagement Group

Navigating the implementation and effectiveness of sustainability efforts as a manufacturer has a lot of shared challenges and opportunities. Come together with peers to learn the latest from mM and industry experts, knowledge-share with each other, plus identify collective opportunities to leverage the CMF, drive changes in manufacturing, and grow awareness and action among specifiers.

Working Groups

Working Groups are driven by the strategic goals of mindful MATERIALS and support cross-functional input, strategic direction, resource creation, and the evolution of our collaboration hub, common framework, and connected database.

Community Working Group

The Community WG helps to foster and expand the mM Community of volunteers - both nationally and internationally. The WG supports mM Staff and Volunteer WG/EG Chairs and Co-Chairs in maintaining engagement and adding value for all members of the mM Community. Members act as the first point of contact with parties interested in getting involved with mM, and help to shape and develop the CTA for different stakeholders to outline how individuals and companies can best get involved with and support mM’s work in their respective roles. Interfaces with all engagement groups to support them in making their platforms more valuable and engaging.

Content Advisory Board

The Content Advisory Board (CAB) develops and updates the data (certifications, eco-labels, general information, etc.) that will be included in the Common Materials Framework, as well as how that data is organized.  The goal of the CAB is to provide a cross-section of industry stakeholder input and ensure there is industry alignment on the Common Framework. CAB is on hiatus and is not currently accepting new members.

Not Accepting New Members
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