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Our Collective Path to the Materials Easy Button

mindful MATERIALS launches new website with a clear path to achieving holistic material sustainability for all

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Introducing the new, your home for supporting a world where holistically sustainable materials are the norm rather than the option.

At the new, you can:

  • Learn: From the need for a Common Language (hey there, Common Materials Framework!) to the power of Clear Market Signals to the absolute necessity for Connected Data, dive in and learn more.

  • Act: Are you a sustainability leader in the built environment? Don’t work in a silo when it comes to materials—add your voice to growing industry-wide alignment. Explore what you can do right now to support this effort and what to expect in the future. 

  • Support: From subscribing to our newsletter to Memberships, Sponsorships, and joining the Forums, there are so many ways to get involved with mindful MATERIALS. Consider this the most mindful ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ yet!

  • And so much more: We’re talking Events, News Feed, Working + Engagement Groups, Pledge information, etc.

“Our adventure continues on this collective path to the ‘Materials Easy Button’,” says Annie Bevan, mindful MATERIALS’ CEO. “We’ve been on this journey for some time now, but we finally have a clear path, and all the players and pieces are converging to see this world become a reality. mindful MATERIALS is thrilled to help facilitate this work. Our new website and resources provide a ‘Choose Your Adventure’ option, allowing anyone in the built environment to get involved. No matter where you are in this work or what position you hold, your material decisions have massive impacts, and we invite you to join us in reducing those impacts together.”

New homepage

Explore the new mindful MATERIALS website at


About mindful MATERIALS, Inc.

mindful MATERIALS’ mission is to reverse the embodied impacts of the built environment by driving the use of regenerative and restorative building products that meet an industry-aligned framework for health, sustainability, and resilience, the Common Materials Framework.

mindful MATERIALS furthers its mission through a global cross-sector collaboration hub to develop and drive adoption of the common materials framework, which is digitized through its curated digital materials library and connected to industry tools, resources, education, and advocacy for the greater benefit of all.

To learn more about mindful MATERIALS and the Common Materials Framework, visit

Media Contact

Jen Levisen


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