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Bringing Sustainability
and Collective Impact Center Stage

mindful MATERIALS at NeoCon and Fulton Market’s Design Days — June 10-12

Designers have 111X the purchasing power of the everyday consumer. What if they had a clear way to choose materials aligned with their values? What if they had a Common Language, Clear Market Signal, and Connected Data? Imagine the ripple effects.

mM x MB Impact Area

As a designer, you wield immense influence over environments, behaviors, and the world we inhabit. Every material you select has a ripple effect — ensure it’s positive. Mindful Materials and Material Bank are teaming up in an activation on the Mart’s first floor designed to help designers discover sustainable products and a common framework to evaluate them.

Location: West Pass-Through, Floor 1

METROPOLIS Sustainability Lab

Embark on a journey at METROPOLIS's Sustainability Lab – an immersive exhibit and hub dedicated to empowering you to make a positive impact on both people and the planet. Dive into the latest innovations, explore cutting-edge initiatives, and access valuable resources to advance your work in sustainable design. Immerse yourself in captivating installations and enlightening workshops that will keep you on the leading edge of sustainable design practices.

Location: Suite 1120, Floor 11

mindful MATERIALS @ The MART

Visit our activation, in partnership with Material Bank, on the first floor of THE MART to discover sustainable products and a common framework to evaluate them. We’ll also be in Metropolis’ Sustainability Lab, located on the seventh floor. Spoiler — We’ve partnered with Studio O+A to create a limited-edition artist rendering of the Common Materials Framework to inspire your daily work. Run, don’t walk.

mindful MATERIALS’ NeoCon presence is possible because of the generosity of the following sponsors:

Cocktails + Conversation

In partnership with Humanscale, join us at Fulton Market’s Design Days for cocktails and conversation with Jane Abernethy, Grace Farms’ Nora Rizzo, ILFI’s Mike Johnson, The Sheward Partnership’s Chloe Bendistis, and Reddymade Architecture & Design’s Suchi Reddy.

Date + Time: Tuesday, June 11 | 5–6 p.m.

Location: Humanscale, 345 N. Morgan St., Chicago

Humanscale in Chicago

The new 4,500-square-foot Humanscale showroom in Chicago, designed in collaboration with Reddymade, champions sustainability and ergonomic wellness. Featuring an interactive material lab and product showcase, the space itself adheres to the highest environmental and social responsibility standards.


The Active Café, just adjacent to the showroom, offers visitors a vibrant atmosphere for work and mingling. Grab a special pin at our showroom for a complimentary beverage and bite.

mindful MATERIALS @ Fulton Market’s Design Days

mindful MATERIALS presence at Fulton Market’s Design Days is possible through the generosity of Humanscale.

Our Sponsors

Thank you again to our generous NeoCon + Design Days sponsors:

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